- Discontinued Materials Notice for Parasol® Cellular Shades -

Posted 4-19-2018 A list of materials for this product line have been discontinued and are no longer available, please mark these items as discontinued in your 2014 Parasol® Cellular Sample Book.

- Introducing Tableaux® Decorative Grilles -

Window Wares, Inc. is pleased to announce a new product line: Decorative Grilles by Tableaux®. Decorative Grilles are an openwork architectural art form that consist of design patterns made by cutting openings or holes into various substrates. Where can Decorative Grilles be used? The versatility of Tableaux® Decorative Grilles allows for virtually unlimited use in interior or exterior home design or home decorating projects. Common applications include Window Treatments and Transoms, Ceiling Treatments, Decorative Accents and Wall Art, Partition Screens, and miscellaneous decor. To view photos of some of the many different potential applications of this product please visit our "DECORATIVE GRILLES" page.